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Skycoin BBS v3.1 Release Announcement

Skycoin BBS v3.1 has finally been released!


  • Updated to use latest CXO.
  • Reimplemented CXO data structure for easier diff management.
  • Introduction of a views module for easier implementation of different ways of viewing data.
  • Implemented exporting/importing boards to/from file.
  • Initial implementation of following/avoiding users.
  • Improved UI (Work in progress).
  • Automatic peer-to-peer relay of boards.


These are avaliable for 64bit windows, mac and linux.

Source Code

Avaliable on GitHub.


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Translation bounty for Русский, 한국어, 日本語, 中文: 0.5 SKY

Translation bounty for other languages: 0.25 SKY

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