Development Update #105

These are the things we need to fix for :

I think we will cut down other development for a while and try to get this done.

Right Now:

Then we are 100% ready for Skycoin exchange listing.

What is Skycoin?

I am having trouble explaining what we are doing or why we are doing it.

The “Coin” is:
The coin is only a small portion of the project.

Once we have the base layers working and libraries and networking, then we need applications. We are going from one application (the wallet), to multiple applications (messaging, exchange, vpn, meshnet, etc).

We almost have standardization of:

We have no thought through, how we are going to distribute and support multiple applications being built out of the lower level infrastructure.

At that point, we are almost at an “app store” level. Or atleast “package manager” level. Where people will be able to write open source apps in golang, on top of a limited set of libraries (the skycoin networking, crypto, the method of display and generating a GUI).

For instance:

We can take a program in golang, in a folder as source code. Do static analysis on it, to ensure that it only import the current networking and file system libraries (approved list of libraries). Containerize and isolate file system and networking access for security. Then compile it from source into an executable. Run a process, track the process, shutdown the process remotely.

So eventually, I think we will be able to deploy applications to remote nodes and start, stop and configure these application remotely.

In the long term, we have our own application programming language in development (which is almost identical to golang, but with stricter mathematical constraints, so as enforcing determinism). This would be primarily for blockchain applications and contracts but also can be used for application development.

In general there are:

Currently I think the primary development priorities are:

Exchange Listing: (requirements)

Then parallel priority for development is:

Then secondary priorities are:
Then tertiary priorities are:
So doing the small changes and refactor for exchange listing, is #1 thing to get developers on.

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