Development Update #107

The Skycoin Mobile wallet API is done. For Bitcoin and Skycoin. Will add Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum later. - - The library is wrapped with gobind and can be used as a plug-in in Phonegap applications or natively by Android or iOS applications

The Skycoin blockchain history JSON API is done:
The first version of the Skycoin block storage library is done:
The Skycoin CLI and WebRPC interface API is in progress:
The first version of Skywire interface is done. It is being integrated with the JSON API now.

I will explain this more, as it is closer to working.

You will have a number of “Nodes” that you control (your “personal cloud” or “personal botnet” really)
For instance, for dropbox type storage
This is actually a distributed multi-agent system. So when you attempt to download a file
If you are encoding a video file
If you have a computer, a tablet and two cameras
If you have fifteen drones with cameras
For the base level network there are new primitives
Then on top of that, there will be another level of primitives for implementing

Then on top of that layer, there is another layer, which includes the skycoin-exchange serves, services and application servers that expose machine readable RPCs.

Ignore Below Line:

Then on top of that, there will be more experimental projects

For the multi-agent system, it requires new primitives - behaviors - goals - affordances (see: ) - predicates - etc…

This part is the furthest away, because it requires a new programming language that satisfies particular mathematical invariants and symmetries - Algebraic (programs are constructed by application of a series of operators applied to a null object) - Abstract syntax tree based (it has no representation as a text file) - Requires a metacircular interpreter - Is deterministic (programs accept and emit length prefixed messages and the output is a deterministic function of the input) - Has a meta-syntactic operator - supports COLA (combined object lambda architecture) type programming - Reflection (every program and object has a canonical serialization as a byte array) - Has a “choice” operator (the interpreter or executing object is given a choice between N things) - Transitive closure under particular mathematically operations (the ability to simulate ten individual processes or a network of computers, under a single process, with those processes able to in turn simulate other processes. Genode model.)

One of the things we need to do is
So example:
For distributed functional reactive programming

This can occur within a single process or program (such as rendering a web-page), or on a blackboard shared between multiple processes (distributed).

This area is an algorithmic goldmine

There are some thing I do not believe should be open sourced. It would be problematic.

It is interesting to see Open Whisper Systems and Matrix starting to implement cryptographic ratchets.

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