Development Update #129

We are doing misc quality control and major bug fixes now

We fixed a few bugs and path directory issues for the windows non-electron build. There was an error in the packaging script and assets were copied to the wrong path and the executable could not find the assets and server terminated on start.

This should be fixed wallet version 15.

We are hunting down and fixing a transaction prorogation issue, where a small number of TX hashes are not propagating to all nodes because of some race condition. We think it is fixed, but are still testing. We have implemented transaction rebroadcast, but disabled it by default because new state information flag for TX in unconfirmed pool should resolve the issue.

This edge cases happens:
To fix this edge case we
This should also fix the unrelated bug where:
This bug was resolved by:

Exponential Backoff with Zero Peers Bug

If the internet goes down, all the peers in peer list get blacklisted by the exponential backoff algorithm.

We are resetting exponential backoff time for peer connection attempts now, upon connections falling below 2.

This will speed up time for node to reconnect to network, after internet is down for a period.

Peer Exchange Bug

Peer exchange is now disabled again by default. Needs more testing. There is problem with handling of unsolicited connections and the loopback auto disconnect, to prevent two connections to the same node.

If a node has an open port, then it can attempt to connect out to a node. That same node can also attempt to open a connection in to the node, so we end up with two connections between the node and we have bug in the loop back auto detect connection, for unsolicited (incoming connections), that end up disconnecting both the incoming and outgoing connection between the node.

We think this is what is causing a bug where server with peer exchange enabled, is getting zero peers but are not sure.

Will fix this soon.

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