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Development Update #132


Major Project Management/Organization things

  • We are getting a kanban board for managing marketing tasks
  • We have new full time project manager for managing the development teams and ticket boards
  • We have signed up two PR firms for blockchain/cryptocoin marketing
  • First story boards for video production are done
  • We are preparing press releases for aspects of the Skycoin Project and will push out to syndicated channels
  • We are creating a new website
  • As soon as the new website is live, it will be obsolete because we are already designing a new fourth generation website
  • We are preparing a road map (past and future). The history and the future of the Skycoin Project
  • We are creating a page on the website about distribution plans and scenarios
  • We are announcing three projects ready for public release in the next two months (and trying to do press releases)
  • We want to start distribution of coins through people running Skywire nodes, within two months
  • We will start bounty program, with website translations
  • We have meetings and are scheduling listing on larger exchanges
  • We have a new wallet build that fixes performance issues and has a block download progress bar. We will need to release version 19 of the wallet soon.
  • We are writing a new wallet from scratch, in the byteball style, that will have option to run as a thin client.

No translation bounty

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