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Skycoin Development Update #134

We have an update for the Skycoin wallet! Version 0.24 has been released and is downloadable here. Version 0.24 comes loaded with multiple new features which will assist the Skycoin community to store and transact with SKY & Coin Hours. Among the new features is an advanced spending user interface (UI) consisting of the following features:

  • Multi-Spend

  • Coin Hours Sharing

  • Previewing Transactions

Multi-Spend allows the user to simultaneously send Skycoin to multiple addresses and specify the amount per address.

Previewing Transactions: Allows you to preview transactions before sending.

Navigating the new wallet features:

Advanced Feature: Shows new features of the wallet, at the same time keeping a simple version to facilitate straightforward transactions.

Destination Feature: Allows the input of multiple addresses - users can select the ‘+’ button to add additional addresses as needed and the ‘-’ to subtract addresses. Each address is able to specify and send a determined amount of SKY.

Automatic Coin Hours Allocation: This feature automatically allocates Coin Hours in a transaction.

Coin Hours Share Factor: This feature allows the sender to control how many of the remaining unburned Coin Hours are to be received by the recipient address. The higher the factor chosen, the more Coin Hours will be sent along with the transaction, up to a maximum of 100% of the remaining Coin Hours. Note that this setting has no effect on the standard Coin Hour burn rate which is always 50% of the output.

Preview: Allows the user to preview transactions before they are sent. This shows how many Coin Hours will go to each address, and how much SKY will be sent. The preview feature  creates a level of redundancy so Coin Hour allocation is established prior to being sent.

Download v0.24 Skycoin Desktop Wallet Here:

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