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Skycoin Economic Policy:

Should Skycoin Developers Be Public and Should Skycoin have a Foundation:

Public identities for developers subject Skycoin to unnecessarily legal harassment. The Megaupload lawsuit demonstrates that governments will put protecting powerful economic interests ahead of due process and the law. Comcast and Time Warner have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to crush municipal broadband at the state and federal level. These companies exercise powerful influence over municipalities and foster political connections they use to exclude competitors. They buy nominees to the FCC, buy court systems through political patronage and have even corrupted congressional staffers to reclassify themselves as except from the common carrier access rules. Whitespace networking equipment that would threaten their monopoly over internet service has consistently been sabotaged before testing while in FCC custody.

They have a record of using frivolous lawsuits to bankrupt smaller competing ISPs offering faster, cheaper, internet service. Mesh networking is an inevitable threat to their business model and a threat these companies must address. They are likely to respond by pushing neutered mesh standards that maintain their power, while using patents, regulation and legal threats to kill off viable competitors. If Skycoin succeeds, the developers would in severe legal and possibly physical danger. I dont even have to mention what is happening to the popcorn time developers now.

Bitcoin is a theoretical, remote and abstract threat to banks and the existing financial order. Bitcoin exists within the existing system as just another commodity. Bitcoin is now seen as no more a threat to the system than gold (which is tolerated).

Skycoin and mesh networking is an inevitable technology that is ready and could become dominate within a much shorter time frame. Anyone working on a viable mesh networking project should be prepared for the same legal response that competing ISPs and municipal broadband have faced. These companies have already begun filing patents and buying up mesh networking patents and deploying their own wifi hotspot networks. There is danger that we get a mesh network, but that its owned and operated by Comcast/Time Warner.

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New Development Bounty:

There is a new development bounty for a golang library for saving blocks to disc. It should - keep track of when block was first seen - treat blocks as series of bytes, with a sequence number (incremented every block depth), a hash (current block hash) and previous block hash (hash of parent block) - the library should use callbacks so that it can support different blockchains and does not need to import the skycoin block struct specifically - assumes blocks have a ToBytes() method that returns the byte serialization of a block object - should keep an index of where each block is on disc, so that blocks can be pulled out quickly - we want to be able to pull out blocks by hash and also find children of block (blocks who have the block as a parent)

We will write a basic blockchain storage library and someone can come in and fix it. We have a working implementation, but its integrated tightly with the skycoin repo and we need it as a library. Our current implementation reads the whole blockchain file to ram and keep it there and when saving it saves the whole array of blocks over again. It cannot just write one block to disc or read one block from disc. It will work until the blockchain is a few GB in size.

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