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Development Update #18


Everything was working in January; launch has been delayed because of refactoring. We are exhausted because of coding coin. Everyone wants to get coin over with and get meshnet working. We can get a lot of press on reddit by delivering the meshnet. People are rioting because of Comcast/net neutrality right now.

Everyone is ready to deploy nodes in their city, setup local meetings, develop hardware and coordinate deployment across North America. The software is not ready however. We are realizing that this matters 100x more than the consensus stuff right now. If consensus and security takes a year, its fine.

We should get coin minimally working, do the coin distribution, release the meshnet software and then focus on marketing. The success of the Maidsafe ICO before they have even demonstrated the technical feasibility of their coin is another factor that has changed our perspective. Even if Skycoin has several long term goals for the coin in terms of security and usability, we should focus on what will have the greatest impact and create the most value right now.

We need to bridge the last mile between the home and the fiber backbone.

This means,
  • We should put the main blockchain in a personal blockchain
  • Launch the mainchain now, so people can send and receive. Get coin distribution over with
  • Move the wallet Javascript developers onto the Mesh network map for coordinating node deployment
  • Get mesh working in a few days.
  • Release white paper and put one guy on consensus
  • Cut whatever corners are needed until mesh is running
  • Deemphasize Skycoin’s security and other things. Focus on the Darknet Plan message.

Skycoin is now in Alpha. We are launching immediately. We will be pushing breaking changes frequently until beta. If we have to do resets, balances will not change and the total number of coins will not change. Any reasonable change except those two is fair game until beta. We will be breaking network protocol compatibility every week. We will try to put in alert system so people know to install updates.

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