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Development Update #20


We are doing a lot of writing and documentation right now. The white paper is being split up into three white papers. We are going to have a more general document on problems with Bitcoin and Skycoin’s long term approach to each problem. We want to emphasize the design differences and choices Skycoin makes.

Documentation is becoming more important. New users cannot read the whole thread and need a compressed and organized overview of the project. This document will also help developers who are working on Skycoin infrastructure and create a road-map for the backend

Coin Distribution:

Documentation is taking all the time. Documentation is the first thing everyone will read and it has been something we have ignored until now. We are paying our debts.

It would be unfair to do the distribute before people can read the white papers about what we are doing and before the client works on everyone’s computer.

Skycoin does not have signature mutability, does not have transaction mutability, does not have duplicate coinbase outputs and dozens of other changes and improvements from Bitcoin. Skycoin makes dozens of changes from Bitcoin and each change has to be described. Most of the whitepaper for the blockchain design, is about flaws in Bitcoin and then how Skycoin addresses them.

Investors hear about “signature mutability” in the news and its bad, but they do not know what it is or what the difference between signature mutability and transaction mutability is. The white paper has to explain this.

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