Development Update #34


Massive changes. Everything is now in one repository.


skycoin/src/coin is the blockchain parser library skycoin/src/cipher is the Skycoin Standard Crytographic library skycoin/src/aether is the distributed application services library skycoin/src/skywire is the Skycoin Meshnet/Darknet switch skycoin/src/gui is the HTML local web wallet and infrastructure

Future Changes:

Skywire: Darknet/Meshnet Switch:

There are four layers in the Skywire stack:
At the physical Skywire nodes connect to each other over:

The switch layer is very simple. A Skywire node connects to another Skywire node and then establishes a circuit. A packet inserted into a circuit is forwarded node to node until it reaches the destination.

Skywire Switch Design

Division of Labor

Meshnet Hardware:

We are standardizing on the ARA platform. ARA uses a UniPro baseboard that lets you add and remove modules. UniPro provides power and up to 10 Gb/s of bandwidth between the components on the baseboard.

For an mesh node, you get a baseboard

We believe this will be the best platform in the long-term. However, ARA will not be ready until January.

Community Handover:

Marketing, websites and so on will be handed over to members of community as soon as Aether is up we can coordinate it. A wiki will be created and hundreds of pages of documentation, roadmaps, milestones and infrastructure designs will be posted for discussion (and editing). There will be RFC requests for purposing solutions to problems and then process for getting solutions implemented and then integrated.

Skycoin Coin Distribution

The coin distribution website is under development now. It will not be anything complicated because there is no time. The coins is launching as soon as visor is running on the new distributed applications library.

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