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Development Update #8

We are compiling binaries for the testnet. Will release binaries and instructions for running testnet from source. You will be able to get testnet coins by posting address in github thread.


Quote from: td services on March 17, 2014, 05:19:59 AM >Will these run on Windows, or can they run on linux vps?

Yes. We should have windows binaries.

  • If you want to run from source, linux is much easier than windows, because windows requires dealing with mingw configuration.
  • When golang 1.3 comes out, we will be cross compiling the windows binaries from linux directly
  • We are looking into using docker for deployment and testing
  • 64-bit is highly recommended
  • Some people are getting errors because golang is not detecting changes to imported modules correctly. ./compile/ fixes this problem by clearing out the cache

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