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Skycoin Digest: Skywire Overview [INFOGRAPHIC]

Skywire – Reinventing the Internet

The Skycoin ecosystem has several critical pieces, all beautifully held together by Skywire.

Skywire takes back control from ISPs and puts it into the hands of users. That means no huge Internet bills and no unfair business practices. A self-sufficient network, 100% owned and operated by its users.

Skywire uses peer-to-peer blockchain technology to create a decentralized mesh network that’s fast, private, and secure.

With our incentivized mesh network, users can earn coins for running nodes and providing bandwidth. They can spend coins to use bandwidth e.g. consuming media or other network resources and services.

Skywire is end-to-end encrypted and nodes are uniquely identified by a public key hash instead of an IP address. This renders man-in-the-middle attacks impossible.

We’re not just changing the Internet, we’re reinventing it.

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