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Skycoin Digest: What do you think of Bitcoin? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Bitcoin was Amazing

We all love Satoshi but what Bitcoin has become is not what he intended. Time and growth have highlighted the limitations of Bitcoin and there is no easy fix.

  • Bitcoin is NOT decentralized. Three mining pools control all of Bitcoin.
  • Transaction speeds can take hours or even days.
  • Due to centralization, Bitcoin is highly vulnerable to a 51% attack.
  • $40 transaction fees and climbing!
  • Nodes can be arbitrarily taken over.

Skycoin is Better

  • We acheive true decentralization with
    Obelisk - our revolutionary consensus algorithm.
  • Transaction speeds are faster than Visa.
  • No block reward, but also no transaction fees.
  • It’s easy to audit and identify malicious nodes.

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