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Skycoin Digest: Skycoin vs Skywire [INFOGRAPHIC]

What’s the difference between Skycoin and Skywire?

Skycoin is the cryptocurrency.

It was developed to address problems that Bitcoin could not solve. We created a revolutionary consensus algorithm called Obelisk that eliminates mining.

Skywire is the mesh network.

Skywire was developed to address problems with the internet itself. Skywire can operate independently from Skycoin. It’s not the first attempt at a global mesh network, but it will be the first to succeed. There have been several attempts at building similar networks, but none have flourished because they have only been run by volunteers. By integrating Skycoin with Skywire, individuals are incentivized to participate by earning money for running the internet, instead of a large ISPs. This is the only sustainable path for democratizing the internet infrastructure.

Using Skywire is FREE, but users can pay nodes for priority service and higher bandwidth. This provides long term demand for Skycoin.

The Skycoin blockchain and the Skywire network could exist independently from one another but together they create ecosystem that will change the world. Skywire provides a utility purpose for Skycoin, and Skycoin provides a financial incentive to expand Skywire.

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