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March Skycoin Ecosystem Technical Report

During the month of March, our development teams have made tremendous progress on many projects within the Skycoin ecosystem


  • Completed command-line interface documentation and overall testing.

  • Based on BIP21’s Skycoin URIs, “hours” will now be displayed to show the quantity of Coin Hours. For example Skycoin:2hYbwYudg34AjkJJCRVRcMeqSWHUixjkfwY?amount=123.456&hours=70

  • Using a new logging module to replace the old module to ensure compatibility with future projects.

  • Completed Skycoin Exchange Integration’s documentation.

  • Tested the newest Go implementation v1.10.

Skycoin wallet

  • Released wallet v22. Completed both the front-end and fixed vulnerabilities.

  • Added a signature to the newest version of wallet in order to proof its authenticity.


KittyCash Verification Service - utilizing email subscription service to verify the customer’s purchase in IKO

  • KittyCash purchase verification service implemented and tested.

  • Added a docker file to the verification service.


  • Created a command-line interface “ikocli” that can be used to generate Kitty data for IKO.

  • Created a command-line interface “testcli” that can be used to test KittyAPI using personal data.

  • Upgraded the foundation of KittyAPI to integrate with the Teller cashier function and trading market API function.

  • Added docker file.

KittyCash’s Teller service

  • Strengthened the reservation system to stabilise Kitties reservation during IKO.

  • Integrated the verification services into the cashier function.

  • Integrated KittyAPI into the cashier function.

KittyCash wallet function

  • Upgrade the wallet and tested.

  • Implemented the trading market function into the wallet.

KittyCash Trading Market

  • Upgraded the basic trading market function.

  • Integrated the verification service into the trading market.

Kitty Auction Bot on Telegram

  • Completion of a Kitty auction record robot (untested).

Official KittyCash website

  • Released new website.

  • Added a KittyCash game on the website.

  • Improved the scoreboard within the game.


  • Implemented the splitting function in order to allow splitting of large files for simultaneous integration into Merkle-tree.

  • Implemented a large file enumeration feature that allows for listing of recently used objects in the database, improving the listing function.

  • Implemented multiple features to increase the speed of data exchange for a single node’s MaxObjectSize especially during slow network and reducing the need of requests and responses between server and node.

  • Added a new method of BoltDB storage based on the original BoltDB.

  • Completed the function of exporting the database as a JSON file or into binary.

Hardware development

  • Custom OpenWRT routers tested with a double sided PCB and antennas.

SPO Miners development

  • Miners for decentralised storage with 1TB hard discs are being tested by the SPO team. Skycoin team and SPO will continue collaboration and develop a version with custom chips and m.3 SSD form factor for Skycoin.


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