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Jul 19 2018

LunarX Middleware Platform becomes a Skycoin Fiber Ecosystem Partner

SPO and LunarX join forces to scale the Skycoin Ecosystem and Synth joins the advisory board.

We’re pleased to announce that LunarX has committed to integrating into the Skycoin Fiber ecosystem and will play a key role in the future scaling of the Skycoin platform.

Meet LunarX: Universal Middleware For DApps

LunarX, a ‘Middleware’ Platform for distributed applications (dApps) will first deliver a decentralized storage platform as part of an ambitious roadmap, setting out to disrupt the more traditional enterprise datacenter offerings where resilient storage is expensive and restrictive.

Data centers are a waste of resources, both in terms of size and in power demands. They also require leaving the user’s data at the mercy of a 3rd party. LunarX is the middleware-managing blockchain that is a decentralized, infinitley-scalable, tamper-proof, anonymous and autonomous datachain infrastructure which breaks down the barriers to data processing of DApps.

As a platform that bridges the gaps between chains, LunarX will also serve to provide DApps a means to communicate between different blockchain platforms.

On their partnership, Yann Wang, Co-Founder, stated “LunarX will scale the Skycoin ecosystem. I believe it is a very important part of the new internet and will disrupt the data centers stronghold.”

“LunarX will scale the Skycoin ecosystem. I believe it is a very important part of the new internet and will disrupt the data centers stronghold.” -Yann Wang

LunarX Tokens

Unlike most new projects, LunarX is not running an ICO. Instead, they are opting to fund the development of the project themselves. Their token will be distributed to ‘miners’ for their Proof of Useful Work in storing and validating data integrity as part of their initial use case. As a recognized valuable token, LX is listed on Bitforex, the world’s top ten exchanges, and the nodes that get the token are freely convertible. Learn more about the LX token here.

Synth Joins LunarX Advisory Team and SPO Joins Forces With LunarX

Synth, Lead Developer at Skycoin will serve in an advisory capacity to the project, and provide valuable contributions to the project in their technical integrations with Skycoin Fiber.

LunarX has also enlisted the help of developers from SPO, another Skycoin Fiber ecosystem project. The two groups will merge their development teams in a new partnership that will “build the strength, knowledge, and skills required to deliver our goals” says Yann. He adds “We will continue to develop and live up to the expectations of the community.”

We are proud to have LunarX as partners working within the Skycoin Fiber ecosystem to build a stronger and freer future for all.

Learn more about LunarX, their goals, and their amazing team here.

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