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Sep 28 2017

Skycoin Team

This is the current Skycoin team.


Michael Terpin (Coinovate, CoinAgenda, BitAngels) and Richard Kastelein (Blockchain News, CryptoAssets Design Group) are advisors to the project and assisting with marketing.

A handful of others are focused on various aspects of communications, marketing and content production.


Synth is the architect and project figurehead. He has a background in mathematics and cryptography.

  • Telegram: @haltingstate

Steve is a developer and now project manager. He wrote most of the original Skycoin software in 2013–2014.

iketheadore is a developer working on Skycoin core for a few years.

Monty Crypto (Xa No) is a developer working on the Skycoin wallets (desktop, mobile, web).

Erich Quist is designing the new Skycoin wallets and website.

  • Telegram: @erichquist

meam364 is the website developer.

Evan is a developer working on the BBS application.

johnstuartmill wrote the most recent Obelisk consensus algorithm whitepaper and is working on an implementation. He has a background in mathematics.

nyf is a developer doing frontend work for the bbs and sky-messenger.

Weng Zhiyi is a developer working on Skywire and sky-messenger.

amherag is developing our CX programming language.

logrusorgru is developing CXO, our distributed object storage system

Two or three people are working on the Skywire miner hardware.

Translation bounty for Русский, 한국어, 日本語, 中文: 1.5 SKY

Translation bounty for other languages: 0.75 SKY

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