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Jun 26 2018

Skywire Testnet Rewards For Whitelisted Nodes

After much anticipation, we are happy to announce that the reward structure for Skyminers during the Skywire testnet is finally ready. During the initial phases of testnet, whitelisted miners will be compensated for their services.

How Are Rewards Distributed?

The determined reward pool size for both Official and DIY miners is 25,000 Skycoin. This figure is subject to change, but will not decrease. Official Skyminer rewards are distributed from 15,000 Skycoin and DIY Skyminer rewards total 10,000 of the 25,000 Skycoin allocated monthly for testnet.

DIY Skyminers are rewarded with a portion of the 10K Skycoin rewards pool Official Skyminers are rewarded with a portion of the 15K Skycoin rewards pool All whitelisted nodes will receive rewards that are divided equally amongst the Skycoin pool.

Skyminer nodes, whether Official or DIY, must achieve a minimum duration of 75% uptime for a given month to be eligible to receive reward payment for that month. As long as this threshold is met, the full reward amount for that qualified month is earned.

When Are Rewards Distributed?

Currently, reward payments can be expected on or around the 5th of the month subsequent to the testnet month with qualified uptime. As testnet is an ongoing process, reward amounts and payout dates are subject to change month-by-month as the network grows and testnet progresses. We will keep our community up to date throughout the entire testnet phase.

How Do I Know If My Nodes Are Whitelisted?

Official miners are whitelisted by default, as long as the owner has sent in the required information. DIY miners are selectively whitelisted, on a first-come first-served basis, if they meet the appropriate specifications. Email confirmations are currently going out to whitelisted miners for the testnet. Whitelisting will continue over the coming weeks with more spots opening up soon, so stay tuned to be notified for eligibility.

What If Any Of My Public Keys Have Changed For Whitelisted Nodes?

You can update the public keys for your nodes by submitting new keys with the same email address used for initial whitelisting in the Skywire Testnet Reward Application.

Thank you, Skyfleet, for your ongoing participation in Skywire and support of Skycoin!

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