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The New Skycoin Website and Whitepaper

We have a lot going on at Skycoin, yet amidst the technical development we also have curated, redesigned, and reimagined our website to include some exciting new features as well as feature the rollout of our official Whitepaper!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this monumental update!

New Website:


  • Our website version 1.0 served its purpose, yet was in need of an overhaul. With all the new developments at Skycoin, we know it had become hard to find what you were looking for on the site. The design is important, too, and we have taken a big step forward with the new look and organization of the site, which is more consistent with the overall scope of the Skycoin platform.

New Whitepaper

  • You’ve been asking for it, and we’ve listened! We are pleased to announce that our new business whitepaper is here for your reading enjoyment! We invite you to explore all of the great features of the Skycoin ecosystem, and see why we are so excited about the future of Skycoin!

Buy Skycoin direct!

  • The new Buy Skycoin page allows you to purchase Skycoin directly from our website. The ‘OTC passthrough’, as we call it, connects to the best price across all exchanges where Skycoin is currently listed and sells to you at that price. No more shopping around and signing up for numerous exchanges to get the best price on Skycoin!

New Ecosystem page

  • Skycoin is a big project. With so many different aspects to the project, it can be confusing from the outside looking in. We set up part of the website with in-depth information to provide the clarity that people are looking for regarding the Skycoin ecosystem.

Join Our Newsletter, Become Skyfleet!

  • We’d love for you to be able to get our latest updates, hot off the press. Join our mailing list by navigating to the bottom of the home page and entering your personal email in the signup form. Follow and enjoy the progress of the Skycoin platform by subscribing to our newsletter to receive regular updates from the Skycoin team!

New Whitepaper:

Business Whitepaper (Edition 1.0) has been released!

  • A comprehensive description of all aspects of the Skycoin ecosystem can be found in the business whitepaper, including but not limited to:

    • Skycoin

    • Coin Hours

    • Skyminers

    • Skywire

    • Fiber

    • Skysuite

  • For a more condensed read of the whitepaper, please read our TL;DR post, which highlights the most important features of the whitepaper and condenses the information in a quick and easily readable format.

Thank you for your continued support Skyfleet!

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