Skycoin distribution event

The Skycoin distribution event ended on August 31, 2017. Join the Skycoin community on Telegram to stay up to date on upcoming distribution events.

Existing Skycoins are available separately on the following exchanges


Skycoin Roadmap Mobile 2017

Visit GitHub to follow or contribute to Skycoin’s continued development and deployment. We will be opening bounties for bug fixes, design and development in the coming months.


Launch of the first downloadable network node, users will be able to earn coins for powering the network.


The launch of our first applications on the Skywire Network: a decentralised, Redditesque, social media platform and VPN service.

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True decentralization means no government can censor Skywire, no corporate interest can stop it.

The internet began as a community of people wanting to share information — the time has come to bring back that vision of the internet using a cryptocurrency that truly fulfills Satoshi’s vision of a decentralized cryptocurrency with Skycoin.