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Skycoin is driving the new internet revolution.

Distribution event

The Skycoin distribution event has started. 1% (1 million) of Skycoin will be sold at a fixed price of 0.002 BTC / SKY.


What is Skycoin?

Skycoin is designed to implement Satoshi's original vision and fix the problems with Bitcoin.

Digging deeper

Revolutionary new consensus algorithm

Satoshi originally intended the Bitcoin network to be decentralized, over hundreds of thousands of computers. Today, the Bitcoin network is completely controlled by three mining pools. Bitcoin is no longer decentralized. Skycoin's consensus algorithm is designed to achieve true decentralization of blockchain consensus.

Coming soon

Skywire Miner: hardware for the new internet


Visit GitHub to follow or contribute to Skycoin’s continued development and deployment. We will be opening bounties for bug fixes, design and development in the coming months.

To keep up to date with Skycoin’s latest developments or to start contributing, join Skycoin on Telegram.

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Launch of the first downloadable network node, users will be able to earn coins for powering the network.


The launch of our first applications on the Skywire Network: a decentralised, Redditesque, social media platform and VPN service.


We built Skycoin to compete with credit cards and services like AliPay/Apple Pay. Transactions happen in seconds, not minutes.


Skycoin makes it impossible to trace transactions by mixing transactions from multiple wallets to increase privacy using the CoinJoin protocol.


Skycoin is more secure because it does not rely upon the good will of miners, it cannot be 51% attacked.


We’re building an ecosystem of real world applications on top of Skycoin starting with messaging, social media, and VPN.

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