Skycoin Team


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Synth, one of the earliest developers behind Bitcoin, started Skycoin 8 years ago with a vision of creating a new, decentralized Internet. He sits on the advisory boards of several cryptocurrency projects. Synth has a background in mathematics, distributed systems, and symbolic logic.

Picture of Houwu Chen

Houwu Chen

Houwu is one of the creators behind Ethereum, and the author of the Obelisk whitepaper which sits at the heart of our decentralized Internet and currency. He was formerly a researcher at Tsinghua University.

Picture of Steve Leonard

Steve Leonard

Steve wrote most of the original Skycoin software. Prior to Skycoin, he created several popular enterprise eCommerce backends. His background includes functional programming, chemistry, and mathematics.

Key Investors and Advisors

Picture of Michael Terpin

Michael Terpin

Founder and CEO of CoinAgenda

Michael Terpin is the Founder and CEO of Transform Group and the Founder of Marketwired. In early 2013, Terpin co-founded BitAngels, which gave birth to the CoinAgenda conference series. He also co-founded early blockchain incubator bCommerce Labs and the Dapps Fund. Currently, Terpin heads the ICO investment committee for the Alphabit Fund and advises numerous blockchain companies and foundations. Terpin has led the PR efforts for more than 150 blockchain companies and foundations.

Picture of Mike Doty

Mike Doty

Co-Founder of Ark

Mike Doty has over 25 years of experience in mechanical engineering and design, including manufacturing, design, analysis, testing, and systems integration. Doty holds a BS Degree in Engineering and Applied Science from the California Institute of Technology. He is a Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) and Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE).

Picture of Richard Kastelein

Richard Kastelein

Founder of the Blockchain News (acquired in 2017) | Director of Cryptoassets Design Group | Partner at Blockchain Partners

Richard Kastelein is an award-winning publisher, innovation executive, and entrepreneur. He sits on the advisory boards of half a dozen Blockchain startups. Kastelein has written over 1200 articles on Blockchain technology and startups at Blockchain News, and is published in reputable publications including Harvard Business Review, Wired, and Venturebeat.

Picture of Dr. John Henry Clippinger

Dr. John Henry Clippinger

Chief Innovation Officer | Founder of | Founder of | Scientist at the MIT Media Lab

John Henry Clippinger is currently a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab’s Human Dynamics Group. He is also Co-Founder and Executive Director of ID3. Previously, Dr. Clippinger was Founder and Co-director of The Law Lab at Harvard University. He is also a member of the eG8 Forum and the Global Leadership Telco Council and the Risk Analysis Network for the World Economic Forum.

Picture of Patrick Dai

Patrick Dai

Founder and CEO of Qtum

Dai graduated from Draper University and departed from the Chinese Academy of Sciences before completing the doctoral program. Patrick formerly worked at Alibaba. He has expertise in blockchain technology development and remains committed to its advancement.

Picture of Josh Ogle

Josh Ogle

CEO of and The Original Agency | Angel Investor

Josh has a proven track record of bootstrapping and scaling up companies to powerhouses that help redefine their respective niches. From lead generation to agency work, under his watch each venture has flourished. He brings a savvy understanding of how to operate and scale businesses in a cohesive and productive way to maximize their potential. A Cornell University Alumnus, Josh is passionate about the future of technology and blockchain.

Picture of Alphabit


Digital Currency Fund

Co-founded by Liam Robertson, a former currency trader at hedge fund Light Peak Capital in London, Alphabit is $300 million fund that operates as a cross between an open-ended mutual fund and a hedge fund. Alphabit’s previous investments include Videocoin and Stormx.

Picture of TokenKey


TokenKey is an end-to-end solution for ICO and token launches.

Skycoin Team

Picture of Sam



In 2014, Sam began investing in blockchain and now holds a number of successful portfolios. He is currently a founding Partner of a management consulting firm with offices in Shanghai and Singapore. Prior to that, Sam served a Singapore group as Global Project Manager. He also served a Germany-based Fortune 500 company as Project Manager and Solution Architect. He holds a degree from UniSA.

Picture of Jesse Sun

Jesse Sun

Eastern Operations

Jesse Sun is both the Founder and head of a fund investing in blockchain startups, applications and cryptocurrencies, as well as bitcoin mining. In 2014, Sun was COO to one of the first blockchain companies. Before joining the crypto world, he was a management consultant. Sun holds an MBA from the Manchester Business School and a master’s degree from Tongji University.

Picture of Simon Hobbs

Simon Hobbs

Engineering Leadership

Simon has 28 years experience delivering secure, high-availability, high-volume platforms. He began his career as an engineer on missile guidance software, and later moved into financial services, leading IT projects for Barclays Home Finance Mortgage, Swiss Bank and Cedel Bank. Simon holds a BSc in computer science from the University of Hertfordshire.

Picture of Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson

Branding and Communications

Jonathan is an experienced crypto trader, investor and strategist. He holds degrees in Marketing and International Business from Southeastern University, he is a researcher and consultant in crypto.