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The current build is v0.21.1.

MacOSInstaller (recommended)Download.dmg
Portable (advanced)
WindowsInstaller (recommended)64bitDownload.exe
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LinuxInstaller (recommended)64bitDownload.AppImage
Portable (advanced)armDownload.tar.gz

Download Skycoin BBS

Skycoin BBS is a next generation decentralized social network built with the Skycoin Ecosystem.

Download Skycoin Consensus Whitepapers

Skywire White Paper — coming soon
Sky: an Opinion Dynamics Framework and Model for Consensus over P2P NetworkDownload  (.pdf)729kb
SkyHash: an Opinion Dynamics Model for Hash Consensus over P2P networkDownload  (.pdf)215kb
SkyHash: a Hash Opinion Dynamics ModelDownload  (.pdf)29kb
Sznajd2: a Community-aware Opinion Dynamics ModelDownload  (.pdf)467kb
A Distributed Consensus Algorithm for Cryptocurrency NetworksDownload  (.pdf)463kb

Download Skycoin Branding Guide

Skycoin Brand Guidelines [pdf]Download  (.pdf)2.7mb
Skycoin Logo PNGsDownload  (.zip)6mb
Skycoin Sans fontDownload  (.zip)0.2mb


Skywire Miner Assembly Manual [pdf]Download  (.pdf)28.4mb

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True decentralization means no government can censor Skywire, no corporate interest can stop it.

The internet began as a community of people wanting to share information — the time has come to bring back that vision of the internet using a cryptocurrency that truly fulfills Satoshi’s vision of a decentralized cryptocurrency with Skycoin.